Together we change the world one relationship, one powerful person at a time.

No Wait Nation is a community of Powerful people who live each day to its fullest potential. We understand that in order to live powerfully we must be fit physically, mentally and spiritually. No Wait Nation creates the environment required to focus our efforts on all three areas of our lives.

The Foundations of Our Program are:


    Being physically fit allows us to engage the world fully and completely without distraction. Energy, vigor, strength and flexibility all support our active lives.


    We’re more creatures of habit than we like to admit. Creating the right, healthy habits allows for a powerful life.


    Power in life is derived from a place of peace and joy. Understanding where you are in the grand scheme of things allows for access to that powerful mindset.

  • What You’ll Learn

    As a member of the NoWaitNation community you will learn specific ways to support positive change in all three areas of your life; physical, mental and spiritual. You will learn what exercise modality is best for increasing muscle mass and shedding body fat. You’ll learn how meditation increases the size and capacity of your brain. You’ll learn how to eliminate stress in your life once and for all and connect to the joy in your life.

  • Physical Fitness

    Physical fitness is more than looking good. It’s the basis for supporting all the other areas of your life.

    • High Intensity Interval Training
    • Yoga
    • Tai-Chi
    • Nutritional Counseling
  • Mental Fitness

    Mental fitness is more than being mentally tough in a situation. It’s being able to create a pause between action and reaction.

    • Meditation
    • Vision
    • Sustainable change
    • Creating new positive habits
  • Spiritual Fitness

    Rooted in the belief that you create your reality you are free to choose your own spiritual base.

    • Discovery of the meaning of life for you
    • Examination of where your past beliefs have held you back
    • Creating a new paradigm from which to live

For over (20) twenty years I was treated for depression by the very best healthcare providers in the Boston mental health community. I tried almost every medication known to alleviate the symptoms of depression along with almost every modality of counseling and self-help training.

It wasn’t until I adopted specific strategies in physical fitness, nutrition and mindfulness that I was able to completely eradicate my depression and release myself from the cycle of medication. My life has been forever changed and have accessed the amazing joy and power in my life.

- Mark Worster, Founder